My debut novel, Pull Focus, was published Fall 2021 by ECW Press in Canada, US and UK. More info:

I’ve just completed a follow-up novel and started a third. I’m also working on a TV adaptation. And I wish I devoted more time to freelance articles which I love to write but there’s never quite enough time to do it regularly.

I’m also the founder/president of Diaspora Dialogues, a charitable organization that supports writers to turn their craft into a career, through mentorship, professional development, and opportunities to present and publish their work. Previously, I worked in Toronto, NYC and LA as a film producer, festival director and magazine publisher.

In Letterbox, I write about all things Books and Film, including festivals I attend around the world, reviews and recommendations, industry news + gossips, plus cultural destination travel and the writing life. In 2023, I’m launching a new podcast series.

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Author of the novel PULL FOCUS, I write about Books & Films – festivals, reviews, recommendations, industry news and gossip – plus cultural destination writing and the writing life. For readers, writers, industry folks, and arts aficionados.


Helen Walsh

Novelist (PULL FOCUS, ECW Press) and freelance writer. President of Diaspora Dialogues, a literary mentoring organization, @ddialogues. Producer and convenor of conversations.